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At Vision Furniture, we love developing accessory items that assist our clients in managing their Chiavari Chair inventory, making their lives easier and their businesses more efficient. It is amazing how a simple chair cart or chair cover can save so much time and money for you and your business. We build our Chiavari accessories with our customer in mind, using only high quality materials that are built to last!

  • Chair Shark - Chiavari Chair Cart: a chair dolly specially designed by Vision Furniture to make transporting stacks of Chiavari Chairs quick and easy.
  • Cushion Crawler: a special cushioned stool on wheels to help with Chiavari Cushion installation. Sit and glide across the ballroom floor while tying on your cushions. The design of the crawler puts less stress on your back and knees and makes cushion installation a breeze!
  • Chair Covers: protect your ballroom chair investment with our woven cotton/poly chair covers. Our protective Chiavari Chair Covers are made with real woven fabric and made to last the lifespan of your chairs and keep them looking like new.

If you have a wholesale account or are looking for volume purchases of 200+, please call our office for a custom quote.

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Chiavari Chair Cart - The Chair Shark
Price: $315.00
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Folding Chair Cart
Price: $235.00
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Cushion Crawler
Price: $30.00
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