Chiavari Cushion Accessories

Replacement Cushion Covers: If your old covers are stained or damaged bring new life to your cushions with Vision Furniture covers - made with Stain Resistant Fabric and durable poly-core thread.

Slip Covers: Change the color of your existing Chiavari Cushions in a snap! Our Slip Covers have an envelope style opening to make it easy to slip them right over your current cushions.

Foam Cores: Replace your cushion foams that have gone flat with our High Density Foam Cores.

Cushion Stockings: Our Mesh Cushion Stocking makes stuffing cushions easy! The Cushion Stocking covers the cushion foam with a slick fabric to reduce friction and makes it easy to slip foam inside almost any cushion cover.

Shower Cap Covers: Now with our Shower Cap style cushion covers you can quickly change the color of your Chiavari Board Cushions. With a simple design that is easy to slip on and off, you will love the ease of this product.

Wood Chiavari Chair Touch Up Options