Mahogany Touch Up

Mahogany is our darkest and most popular wood tone chair. You will enjoy the rich, dark-brown shade with slight red tones.

Touch up Tips: Clean surfaces offer best paint adhesion. Use a mineral spirit to clean any dirt, grease or debris from the area to be painted. For better color and paint adhesion give the touchup area a light sanding with 220 grit sand paper. Use paint respirator for protection and good ventilation and follow warnings on all paint products.

Seat edges damaged? We have a highly opaque edge paint that quickly covers over damage to make your seat edges look like new. Use this paint on the seat edge only because it is not transparent and doesnít work on the frame.

For the rest of the chair frame, it is an easy 2 step process: first add the color back to scratched areas with the touchup pen and then apply the top coat to blend and smooth the repaired area.

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Mahogany Touchup Pen
Mahogany Touchup Pen
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Fixes small nicks and scratches on stained wood chairs. Adds the stain color back where itís missing after a scratch. After using the pen, follow up with a spray of the Lacquer Finish.

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