Mesh Stocking

Mesh Stocking
*Does not include foam core

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Our Mesh Cushion Stocking makes stuffing cushions easy! The Cushion Stocking covers the cushion foam with a slick fabric to reduce friction and makes it easy to slip foam inside almost any cushion cover. Save time struggling with sticky foam!

  • saves time and money
  • makes it easy to stuff cushions
  • no more hard to handle sticky foam cores!
  • foam core not included

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Customer Reviews
Event Manager
The mesh stocking works great. I initially purchased a small quantity to give them a try and see if it was really worth buying one for every cushion. I can say it has cut my cushion stuffing time in half. There is much less hassle involved as well, no pulling the plastic sleeve back out and lining up all the cushion edges again. I went ahead and purchased enough for all our cushions. The product seems to be well made, hopefully it will stand up to the wear and tear.
Reviewed by:   from Whately, MA. on 3/31/2016
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